Yes. Meeting in person allows me to provide you with a full service experience. During your styling consult, you will have the chance to look at products, tour the studio, and make your gown selection. 

Do I have to meet you in person?


We recommend booking your session within 60 days of your requested date. For expectant mothers, we recommend having your session when you are between 28-32 weeks pregnant. 

When Should I schedule My session?


Yes! One of the wonderful things about using our services, is that each client has access to our private gown collection for use during their session. We have a collection of over 100 couture gowns ranging in price from $350-$1000.

Are Gown Rentals included in my session fee?


We want to ensure that all financial decision makers are prepared for the total cost of the session. No one likes surprises, especially regarding large investments that they weren't prepared for.

Why Do you require Spouses to Be present?


No. High-end digital editing is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. We want to ensure that when you leave, it's with a finished product, not just a singular ingredient it takes to create our magic. 

Can I have all the raw files from my session?


Yes! I will provide all of the direction during the session. I will give actions to play out, which will result in a natural and relaxed environment. It also allows us to capture those candid moments.

We are awkward in photos. Can you help us?


The studio session fee is $350 plus tax, and includes access to our Private Gown Collection, Personal Styling Consultation, and Custom Ordering Appointment. Images are purchased separately at your ordering appointment. Our services are entirely customizable so pricing will vary based off of product and image selection. We have some client's spend $2000, and others that spend more. Once we know more about what you have envisioned for your session, we can tell you about the products and services that will be the best fit for you! 

what do clients typically spend on their sessions?


Yes! We have two options available for clients. Our pre-payment plan allows you to build a credit on account prior to your session. There are no interest charges and no delay in receiving your products, as the session and products are paid for prior to your session. We also offer luxury financing through Synchrony Bank. 

do you have financing options?


Flexible financing available through Synchrony